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Choose Benchcard Picture

This is an example of how your benchcard will appear in the standard size of 11” x 7” horizontal.

It includes:
  • An image of the variety
  • The series/variety name and class name
  • Information on exposure, height and spacing (if applicable), and general care tips
  • Space to write your price

Click on the image of your choice (below) from the Fantasia® Zonal Geranium series to download your benchcard as a printable PDF.

Fantasia® Zonal Geranium

Fantasia<sup>®</sup> Shocking Blue Zonal Geranium
Shocking Blue
Fantasia<sup>®</sup> Dark Red Zonal Geranium
Dark Red
Fantasia<sup>®</sup> Fuchsia Berry Zonal Geranium
Fuchsia Berry
Fantasia<sup>®</sup> Orange Zonal Geranium
Fantasia<sup>®</sup> White Zonal Geranium
Fantasia<sup>®</sup> Appleblossom Zonal Geranium
Fantasia<sup>®</sup> Flamingo Rose Zonal Geranium
Flamingo Rose
Fantasia<sup>®</sup> Pink Zonal Geranium
Fantasia<sup>®</sup> Scarlet Zonal Geranium
Fantasia<sup>®</sup> Salmon Zonal Geranium
Fantasia<sup>®</sup> Cranberry Sizzle Zonal Geranium
Cranberry Sizzle
Fantasia<sup>®</sup> Shocking Pink Zonal Geranium
Shocking Pink
Fantasia<sup>®</sup> Purple Sizzle Zonal Geranium
Purple Sizzle
Fantasia<sup>®</sup> Violet Zonal Geranium
Fantasia<sup>®</sup> Cardinal Red Zonal Geranium
Cardinal Red
Fantasia<sup>®</sup> Strawberry Sizzle Zonal Geranium
Strawberry Sizzle