Premium Space Savers

Enjoy harvests faster than ever.

Consumers with small spaces or short on time will love large-size containers of their favorite vegetables. Perfect for patios gardens!

Grow and sell premium space-saver varieties from Burpee to give shoppers the fastest way to harvest the freshest vegetables. This is a great way for you to move into higher margin sales! Distinctive tags are larger size, and include a bonus recipe! The following varieties work well in small-space gardens.

Download PDF Info Sheet for Premium Space Savers

* = Burpee Exclusive

Bumper Crop

Colorful Salad Bowls
Easy, Space Saver salad gardens – cut and serve over and over! Terrific in color bowls. Alfresco Mix
City Garden Mix
Gourmet Blend*
Heatwave Blend*

Creative Herb Combos
Recipe-ready herb collections in one pot. Perfect for color bowls or 10-in. (25-cm) and larger patio pots. Tuscan Trio
Good Grillin’
Kitchen Favorites

Take 2 Combos
Double the harvest from one pot! Lights* BushSteak and Patio Choice Yellow

Camera* Homeslice and Sweetheart of the Patio

Action* BushSteak and Baby Boomer

Blockbuster* BushSteak and Indigo Fireball

Director's Cut* Tangerine Dream and Lemon Dream