Plant Information


Common Name: Lemongrass
Water: Medium
Fertilize: Every two weeks
Spacing: 18 - 24" (46 - 61cm)
Height: 36 - 60" (91 - 152cm)
Width: 24" (61cm)
General Information: Harvest stalks as soon as plants are 12 in. (30cm) tall and stem bases are at least 1/2-in. (1 cm) thick.
Cut off the top and peel the outer layer of the base, then chop the inner white, reedy part for stir fries, salads or sauces.
The leaves can be used to make a marinade or tea.
Scatter crushed used leaves in the grass along a patio or deck to deter insects.

Idea & Tips: Plant lemongrass in full sun in a rich, organic soil.
Keep well watered, never let them dry out!
Fertilize every other week to promote strong, healthy growth of new leaves.
Grower Information: This attractive grass is used in Asian cuisine to add a “sweet-sour” lemon flavor. Its leaf stalks and leaves can be used fresh or powdered.