Plant Information

Better Boy Tomato Slicer

Better Boy Tomato
Grower Information

Common Name: Slicer
Spacing: 24 - 36" (61 - 91cm)
Height: 36 - 48" (91 - 122cm)
Width: 24 - 36" (61 - 91cm)
Exposure: Sun
General Information: Plan on growing plenty of bright red, 16-oz. (455-g) fruits perfect for slicing, canning and making into sauces.

Idea & Tips: Water thoroughly twice per week, and try to water early in the day so that plants will dry off before evening.
Tomatoes prefer regular feeding once the fruit sets, but too much early in the season will grow a large plant with fewer tomatoes.
Mulching helps ensure an even supply of moisture.
Growth: Indeterminate
Days to Harvest: 70 - 75
Fruit Size: 16 oz. (454 g)
Disease Resistance: F,N,V
Grower Information: A single Better Boy plant once yielded more than 340 lb. (154 kg) of fruit, earning it a Guinness World Record! You may not pick that much from your own plant, but plan on growing plenty of bright red fruits, perfect for slicing, canning and sauces.