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Plant Information

Beefsteak Tomato Beefsteak

Common Name: Beefsteak
Blooming Season: Late Spring, Summer, Autumn
Plant Habit: Columnar
Characteristics: Culinary Use
Water: Medium
Fertilize: Once a month
Spacing: 24 - 36" (61 - 91cm)
Height: 48 - 60" (122 - 152cm)
Width: 36 - 48" (91 - 122cm)
Exposure: Sun
General Information: Large, flat, globe-type slicing tomato has light red skin and very meaty, juicy flesh. Very productive.

Idea & Tips: Water regularly and try to water early in the day so that plants will dry off before evening. Tomatoes prefer regular feeding once the fruit sets, but too much early in the season will grow a large plant with fewer tomatoes. Mulching helps ensure an even supply of moisture.
Growth: Indeterminate
Days to Harvest: 75 - 80
Fruit Size: 10  to  16 oz. (283  to  454 g)
Available as organic.
Grower Information: Delicious, flavorful, meaty fruits have traditional beefsteak tomato shoulders and fantastic flavor. Prolific, vigorous plants produce big, luscious red fruits.