Plant Information


Common Name: Sage
Hardiness Degree: -30°F (-34.4°C)
Blooming Season: Summer
Plant Habit: Upright
Characteristics: Scented Foliage, Colorful/Attractive Foliage, Heat Tolerant
Water: Medium
Fertilize: Once a month
Spacing: 24 - 36" (61 - 91cm)
Height: 18 - 24" (46 - 61cm)
Width: 14 - 18" (36 - 46cm)
Exposure: Sun
General Information: Aromatic foliage and blue flower spikes make a showy addition to the herb or flower garden.
Fresh or dried leaves add flavor to sausage, stuffing, salad and soup.
Attractive in arrangements, fresh or dried.
Can be grown indoors during winter.

Idea & Tips: Use a well-drained, soilless media and place in full light with shade from the heat of the sun.
Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer monthly.
Available as organic.
Grower Information: Sage is one of the best garden herbs because when protected, it will grow into a sturdy perennial shrub in most climates. The leaves are best when harvested before or just after blooming. Use fresh or dried with poultry, sausages, meats and vegetables. 

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