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Early Springs™ White Lobelia

Early Springs™ White Lobelia
Grower Information

Common Name: Lobelia
Hardiness Degree: 0°F (-17.8°C)
Blooming Season: Early Spring, Summer
Plant Habit: Mounded, Upright
Characteristics: Shade Tolerant
Water: Medium
Fertilize: Every two weeks
Spacing: 16" (41cm)
Height: 8 - 10" (20 - 25cm)
Width: 8 - 14" (20 - 36cm)
Exposure: Sun, Partial Sun
General Information: Showy, free-flowering plants give great displays in containers and hanging baskets.
Tidy habit and proven heat tolerance.
Performs well in cold and heat.

Idea & Tips: Plant in soil with medium moisture; part to full sun.
Grower InformationBest for: 4 and 6-in. (10 and 15-cm) pots

Lots of blooms for lots of color – just one plant fills a quart or gallon container! Try mixing colors for a great-looking monoculture basket. Free-flowering Early Springs (formerly Hot SpringsTM) is great for energy-saving cool growing, and it performs beautifully in the heat, too!

Protection InformationPP25,182
(Flowering Only License)

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