Plant Information

Enlighten Neon Punch Impatiens

Enlighten Neon Punch Impatiens
Grower Information

Common Name: Impatiens, Busy Lizzy, Patience Plant
Hardiness Degree: 45°F (7.2°C)
Blooming Season: Late Summer, Spring, Summer, Late Spring
Plant Habit: Mounded, Upright
Characteristics: Shade Tolerant, Low Maintenance
Water: Medium
Fertilize: Every two weeks
Spacing: 12 - 14" (30 - 36cm)
Height: 9 - 11" (23 - 28cm)
Width: 13 - 15" (33 - 38cm)
Exposure: Shade
General Information: Produces many flowers.
Traditional shade plant, low maintenance and a must have for shade gardens.

Idea & Tips: Plant in full shade for best performance.
Over watering and over fertilizing will reduce flowering and increase stretch.
Grower InformationBest for: 306 packs, 4-in. (10-cm) pots

Light up shady beds and containers with bursts of brilliant color! An excellent landscape performer, Enlighten will have retailers and gardeners clamoring for more. Since it’s extremely uniform and easy to produce, you can oblige them. All colors are well-matched to bloom together and flower freely all season.

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