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Plant Information

Lava Rose Coleus

Lava Rose Coleus
Grower Information

Common Name: Coleus
Hardiness Degree: 32°F (0.0°C)
Blooming Season: Summer
Plant Habit: Trailing
Characteristics: Colorful/Attractive Foliage, Heat Tolerant, Shade Tolerant
Water: Medium
Fertilize: Once a month
Spacing: 12 - 18" (30 - 46cm)
Height: 6 - 10" (15 - 25cm)
Width: 18 - 24" (46 - 61cm)
Exposure: Shade, Sun
General Information: Small, eye-catching leaves have rose and burgundy tones with a striking green margin.
Trailing plants are an interesting addition to mixed containers, in baskets or as a groundcover.

Idea & Tips: Hardy until frost, great heat tolerance,
Grower InformationBest for: 4 and 6-in. (10 and 15-cm) pots

This baby absolutely overflows with tons of sizzling color! The unique mounded and trailing coleus grows fast and fills in combos and baskets. The low-maintenance, high-impact plants are great as a low-growing annual groundcover, too, with very late flowering. Dense and sturdy, Lava Rose ships well.
Unique mounded and trailing coleus grows fast and full in combos and baskets. The dense, sturdy plants ship well. Great as a low-growing annual groundcover.
Propagation Information: Avoid stretch. Transplant on time.
Culture InformationLava™ Coleus will generally not require any PGR applications during production. Plants should be pinched only as needed since Lava™ are extremely free-branching.
Plant Growth Regulators: Generally not needed. Sumagic (Spray) 5-10 ppm or a B-Nine 2,500-3,500 ppm and Cycocel 1,000-1,500 tank mix (Spray) can be used to maintain habit as needed.

'Kakegawa CE1'
Protection InformationPP15,370
(Flowering Only License)