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Become A Burpee Certified Grower

Be part of a dynamic brand and claim a premium price for your product! All you have to do is commit to growing healthy product in an approved pot with a Burpee tag and displayed with P.O.P.

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Burpee Grower Guidelines

Review the Burpee Grower Guidelines. Then contact your Ball Seed or ColorLink sales rep to help you become a Certified Grower in minutes!

DOWNLOAD - Get the Burpee Grower Guidelines
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Burpee Certified Grower Agreement

Fill out this form to cement your status as a Certified Burpee Grower. Have questions? Contact our program administrator.

DOWNLOAD - Get the Burpee Certified Grower Agreement
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Burpee Royalty Rebate Program

The Burpee royalty rebate program means you pay royalty ONLY for tags on plants that sell. Royalty supports program marketing and drives customers to the garden center.

DOWNLOAD - Get the Burpee Royalty Rebate Information
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Success With Burpee!

We'll give you all the tools you need to grow your business using the Burpee brand. Download this document to learn how to get started.

DOWNLOAD - Everything You Need to Succeed
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Tags for Burpee Flowers, Vegetables & Herbs

Our distinctive tags are reminiscent of Burpee seed packets — just like gardeners saw on their mom's kitchen table. Easy take-home planting and care tips in English, Spanish or French assure gardening success.

DOWNLOAD - Get the Tags for Burpee Flowers, Vegetables & Herbs
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Pot, Pack & Tray Information Sheet

Branded and sustainable pots are available through preferred suppliers. Learn more about your packaging options here.

DOWNLOAD - Get the Pot, Pack & Tray Information Sheet
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P.O.P. Order Form

Download the comprehensive point-of-purchase product order form here (U.S. and Canada).

DOWNLOAD - P.O.P. Order Form